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Swiss Venture Capital specialist dedicated for seed early stage & serie A & B

The First Venture Capital "Boutique"

The First Fresh & New Swiss Venture Capital Boutique – Made & Dedicated to innovated & FinTech Start Ups based in Switzerland.

Dybaw Venture Hub

The Venture Swiss Knife Tool

Dybaw Venture Hub is the one-stop boutique combining different solutions for your financial needs and much more.

Dybaw Venture Hub


The First Fresh & New Swiss Venture Capital Boutique

made & dedicated to innovate FinTech Startups based in Switzerland.

Dybaw Venture Hub is the one-stop boutique combining different solutions for your financial needs and much more.

At Dybaw Venture Capital

we know that there is a lack when it’s time to raise funds in Switzerland, especially for Helvetian FinTech and innovative Startups, whether those Startups are looking for Venture Capital such as Capital Risk or Serie A & B.
We also know that when entrepreneurs are looking for Capital Risk, they also need to have to keep an eye open from the legal & compliance perspective, which means they need support and dedication.

Financial Technology Startups

are also keen desperate to get some expertise for their payment processes especially when time comes to go from domestic market to more an international one.
For this reason, we have created a dedicated Venture Capital approach like the unique Swiss-FinTech-Knife enabling all the Startups to access to our one-stop boutique, where they can find most of the answers for their needs to make their life simpler and to help them focus on what they are good at :

Making their FinTech the Next UNICORN

Our team

Meet our Team

Behind the Capital Risker,
Behind the Venture Capitalist,
Behind the investors,
Behind Entrepreneurs,
There are men...

Our team

Meet our Team

Dybaw Venture Capital has been created by two passionate friends. Lionel & Charles both successful entrepreneurs, who launched several Startups and worked for different FinTech companies during the past decade. They have also been working as investors for some big Venture Capital Firms.

Would you ever guess?

Lionel is an HardCore Skier. Born & bred in Chamonix Lionel is always looking for the hardest track.

Lionel Artusio

► Five years in the Fintech industry with a 360° spectrum. Currently running a Fintech Company based in London and mentoring two positions in London (BBVA) and Geneva (Fintech Fusion) as well as managing a Venture partner career (Series A/Series B and few early stage) exclusively in the Fintech sector with a focus on the Swiss market.

► RISK-COMPLIANCE/ CORPORATE DIPLOMAT: Enhance the business development in a compliance point of view? Sharing information with decision-makers, national and European institutions, payment actors (Partner’s, PSP, Banks) and the regulation institutions in the Banking and Telecom sectors, while avoiding conflict of interest and compromise/ managing authorisation, supervision, processing and deal in the Fintech/ Payments industry. Many factors have pushed risk management to the front burner therefore, increasing potential for losses. Manage process of generating organisational alignment around objectives, strategy, tools and methods. It’s my role to enhance wealth management firms.

► GENERAL COUNSEL: Among many things, I am responsible for protecting the company from litigation and for helping to preserve its reputation in an international development. Finding the good balance between a good risk-compliance policy which does not curb the business development.

► GROWTH and FINANCIAL STRATEGY: I lead both aspects of strategic management and corporate finance that can help an enterprise grow rapidly in each sector or origin, or a new field or new location/ Private and Public Fundraising/ M&A/ Relation with the Investor’s, Banking partner’s and PR/ Corporate fiscal strategy and tax optimisation.


Would you ever guess?

Charles is a Foodie Traveller who wants to discover all the 3* Michelin Restaurants Worldwide, so far he had the chance to appreciate the “cuisine” of  27 chefs.

Charles Goguet

► Charles is a passionate by Fintech, with over 5 years in this industry. Serial entrepreneur, Charles knows what failures & success mean!

► He is experienced in the payment industry and its regulation such as PSD2. His various experiences as entrepreneur mostly in finance but also in F&B industry & technology give him an open minded way of thinking.

► Charles is an excellent speaker and listener and he is always happy to share his advice, his views and experience on startups that he mentors.

► Charles knows how to talk, listen, guide, be pragmatic, share insights, fail, succeed, explain and challenge.

► Charles has been working for the past 5 years in Fintech and has launched startups, which he has learned a lot from.

► Currently in the top management of a French Fintech that he had joined when they were only few members, Charles has developed it. This Startup is now in 3 countries (Dublin for the IT department, London for the Financial Department & Nice for the HQ) this company is regulated by the FCA thanks to the CEO and Charles work.

► Charles also runs Dybaw VC, which will be soon incorporated in Switzerland, he will cover rounds A/B and do some seed rounds in Switzerland using the Join Venture that Charles & his partner Lionel Artusio had signed with a French Company called SparkUp.

► Global Business & Corporate Development expert.


►Serial Startup Week End Coach

Beside being friends for years & years Charles & Lionel had been working closely for over 5 years so far, the combination of their own expertise gave, give & will give results for all the companies that are willing to give them their confidence.

Would you ever guess?

Passionate about innovation and disruptive technology she has the expertise and experience in decentralised ledger technology/Blockchain.

Tatiana Rozoum
Risk and Compliance advisor

► FinTech specialist with a master’s degree in finance & business law.

► Tatiana has extensive Risk and Compliance expertise in international payments and is a legal expert in European regulations involving Payment Services, Electronic Money, Anti Money Laundering, Customer Due Diligence and Payment processing.

► She consults FinTech and Payment Services Providers that want to expand their business internationally while mitigating risk.

► An innovative thinker and creative problem solver.

► She believes that technology is a powerful business model disruptor when it’s addressing customers and businesses needs.

► She worked in London as a Risk and Compliance Director at an FCA regulated E-money institution, which is authorised in 28 EEA countries. Her role was to ensure that the decisions and activities of the FCA regulated institution are made within regulatory requirements in line with a business-oriented approach. The company is developing a new secure market value proposal, based on the Internet, smartphone and payment solutions for the millennials.

► Prior to that she worked in a payment specialists consulting firm where she advised multinational corporations, Telecom sector, FinTech businesses, including Blockchain startups. Tatiana focused in assisting a number of clients at all levels of the payment industry with applications for authorisations from European Financial Regulators.

► Tatiana began her career in the AML department at the French Financial Services Regulator – Autorité de Contrôle Prudentiel et de Resolution.

► Expertise: RegTech, online payment processing, crowdfunding, marketplaces, shared economy, phone payments, alternative payment technologies, decentralised ledger technologies, e-commerce payment services and all-inclusive payment services creating value.

At Dybaw Venture Capital we believe that entrepreneurs are as important as their ideas


That is how we behave

At Dybaw Venture Capital we believe that entrepreneurs as are important as their ideas...


That is how we behave

“Our fund raising with Dybaw allowed us to find a key investor for the success of Talents Affinity.”
Myriam G.

At Dybaw we know that Switzerland does not only do chocolate, they do great Start ups

Venture Capital & Capital risker had been blind for too long in regards to the Swiss Early stage start landscape.

The numberof high standard universities, engineering schools, business schools and innovation centres in Switzerland are known as some of the best in the world. In addition to the growing entrepreneurial spirit this creates significant investment opportunities.

Switzerland fintech startup investment venture capital firm


Studies, Analyses of the Swiss FinTech Scene

We will soon display some News, Informations & Studies about the Swiss investment EcoSystem and more generally the swiss FinTech Landscape.

Dybaw co-founder, Lionel Artusio is officially promoted BlackFin CP Venture Partner in Switzerland

Lionel Artusio was officially promoted BlackFin CP partner focused on the Swiss market. The new Blackfin CP fund targets the European fintech and launches a risk capital fund 120 million euros.

A new Venture Capital is landing in Swiss & is planning to invest in Serie A & Serie B

With its industry expertise and the dynamics of the European market, BlackFin Capital Partners is launching a new venture capital fund specialising in FinTech opportunities across Europe. Known for the success of its two previous AUM:
– 220 Mio Euros in 2011
– 400 Mio Euros in 2016

There are few words from Laurent Bouyoux, President of BlackFin Capital Partners about this new Fund: “As entrepreneurs and founders of Fortuneo, we are particularly interested in opportunities associated with FinTech and can easily identify ourselves with the talented entrepreneurs who bring this opportunity to fruition.”

The fund targets a size of 120 million euros, coming from a large group of European investors.

Lionel Artusio is part of the enthusiastic European Venture Partner community, he has been selected as a Venture Partner for following reasons:

– His 10 years of experience in FinTech Industry;
– His experience as CEO of a European FinTech based in UK, IE, FR;
– former Goldman Sachs Investment & Business Strategy Venture Partner;
– His involvement into the Public Affair due to his past as French Diplomat;
– His academic background which includes prestigious qualifications such as MBA from London Business School, CHEE, IEP…;

Thanks to this promotion, Lionel and by extension Dybaw will focus on the Swiss FinTech scene on behalf of BlackFin Capital Partners.

The funds are be invested in :
Banking Ops;

Learn more about BlackFin Capital Partner.

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Where to find us

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